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Autumn in the Alps



Sunset on the Dents du Midi

Talk about an Indian summer! Mid-October in Champery and temperatures are over 20 C.  Determined to make the most of it we have two good walks, but stupidly I left my walking shoes in London, post-Zimbabwe, and had to buy a very smart new pair, half price in the sale (check them out in the photograph below).


Check the new shoes! And walking sticks, which I cannot do without…

On Saturday we join cousins Christine and Diego for a favourite walk, Sous La Dente (about 7-8 km round trip). A steep zig-zag through the forest leads out onto a traverse under the Dents Blanches and down to the Barme where we have lunch. For Ross, last of the chase, a venison stew.

After lunch we descend a steep road with hairpin bends to get back to the car; luckily I have my two sticks or I would find it impossible. Indeed, it is pretty amazing I can do any of this given my prognosis of never being able to go up/downhill again. Admittedly my ankle is increasingly sore and numb but how could I miss out on the glorious views of the Dents du Midi? And the leaves on the turn into oranges and yellows, and sheep grazing peacefully before being herded down into their winter quarters.

On Sunday Ross and I decide to go for a pre-prandial ‘stroll’ behind the house. Another steep ascent before levelling out and bringing us back into Champery. More views down the valley, this time down to Val d’Illiez and Leysin in the distance.

Finally, at home we do some gardening and enjoy a late lunch with a view! Given we are hardly ever here, the garden survives well. Note the composter!

And, finally, we say farewell to the summer; now we are ready for the ski season!

IMG_5332 2

Next time we see these mountains they will be covered in snow!

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  1. Enjoying very much your posts ! They are always very very interesting and the photos wonderful. looking forward for the next one . Kitty

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