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Spreading the word – UWS networking evening in Singapore

School assembly in Jong school, Cambodia

School assembly in Jong school, Cambodia

This week I have been rushing around preparing for the visit of our CEO, Tim Howarth, and our schools networking evening. The aim is to introduce affluent Singapore international schools to our school partnership scheme and encourage them to build a long-lasting relationship with one of our rural schools in Cambodia, Myanmar and, soon, Nepal. It only costs £16,000 (S$30,000) to build a school and £6000 (S$10,000) to maintain it annually, equivalent to US$1 per child per week. Talk about value for money! Continue reading


Lest We Forget – Commemorating 70 years since the end of the 2nd World War in SE Asia


On 12 September 1945, Admiral Lord Louis Mountbatten, Supreme Allied Commander of the SE Asia Command, accepted the unconditional surrender of all occupying Japanese forces in SE Asia from Gen. Itagaki, on behalf of the Supreme Commander Field Marshall Terauchi, who had suffered a stroke. Although the war had officially ended on 2 September, when the Japanese surrendered to Gen MacArthur on board the battleship Missouri, for those still interned in the noxious POW camps in Singapore the end only came on September 12th. Continue reading

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Yay! 21 months #cancer free

No point in writing this post twice!

healthy living with cancer

Bamboo orchids2

I must say I wasn’t at all apprehensive for the x-ray results as I had recently had a complete cancer blood screening which covered every single eventuality, but it’s always great relief to get the all clear. And it’s my mother’s birthday – she would have been 95. So altogether an auspicious day.

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Tickling tarantulas and twitching in Bukit Fraser, Malaysia

Tarantula - Theraphosida Hoggsii

Tarantula – Coremiocnemis hoggi

It is a dark Malaysian night, punctuated by a full moon and bright head torches. A small group of us sets out, swathed in shawls against the night chill. We are looking for tarantulas.

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