my journey to health and well being via exotic destinations

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And now – it’s diving in Sulawesi!

Enormous greenback turtle, as big as me!

Enormous greenback turtle, as big as me!

Two national parks within a week, four days to be precise! From Mana Pools, Zimbabwe to Bunaken island, North Sulawesi, via Joburg and Singapore! I barely had time to unpack before taking advantage of the long Eid el Fitr weekend and setting off to chart new territories. Continue reading


Chilling in Zimbabwe – literally

sunset to die for: the Zambezi form Goliath CAmp

Sunset to die for: the Zambezi from Goliath Camp

It is 3.30 am. I hear a low rumbling. Is it a hippo? Then I hear something shaking its head, ears flapping? Is it an elephant? No, the ears don’t sound big enough. Fully alert, I look out into the moonlight through the gauze in my tent. Silently, to my right, only just missing the floor canvas, slinks the lioness. She freezes and sniffs the air right in front of me then, a few seconds later, moves quietly on. Just another night in Mana Pools. Continue reading


Contemplating the next 5 years of living with cancer


Detail from the Temple of Heaven complex in Beijing

It’s been over a week since the All Clear. After so much anxiety in the build up to the scans, its hard not feel the come down from the high in the following days.  People say ‘You must be so happy that it’s over’ and I feel very curmudgeonly saying, ‘I am thrilled, of course, but it’s now only four and half years until I can say I’m in remission’. Continue reading