my journey to health and well being via exotic destinations


Vicky UnwinThis blog was started to keep a record of our three and a half years in Singapore and around and about the Asia-Pacific region. As a writer (two books Love & War in the WRNS available on Amazon and The Boy from Boskovice pub early 2021) and seasoned traveller, I thought it would help my ageing memory to write down our experiences as we moved around the region.

However, a few months after moving to Singapore, I was diagnosed with a malignant sarcoma of the calf; it is now removed, along with my left leg calf muscles. I have started a holistic website on my approach to illness where I offer a blueprint to my continued good health.

My journey has now become both a physical and spiritual journey into healing and regeneration; of empowerment and overcoming adversity. Join me on my travels as I experiment with complementary therapies and make the most of my journey. We are now back in Europe but the journey continues.

8 thoughts on “About

  1. I spent a number of years in SE Asia and have a wealth of memories from those travels. Enjoy!

  2. Thank you for sharing your great story.

  3. THanks for sharing, I’m glad I stumbled on your blog today and will follow your journey. Keep up!

  4. Thanks once again, I hope it helps inspire other people that there’ always hope however many bad things happen to you, and losing a child has to be the worst, and cancer the second!

  5. Hi Vicky
    I am one of the contributors to the story about the lioness in Mana Pools that lived basically alone . Anyway I have a small article on Mana etc that I wrote and would like to share it with you to get your comment on the article – can I share it to your facebook page
    Derek Hinde

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