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Miss Whiplash visits Soho

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Ah, I thought that would grab your attention!

The highlight of the week was going to the Reservation, the club night at Blacks, organised by Save Soho and Tim Arnold. Tim hosts the evening which is aimed to showcase young talent, now that all the music venues in Soho are being closed down or demolished as a result of the gentrification of Soho by greedy landlords and Crossrail. Tommy comes with me, and we start the evening by sipping a glass of wine in the old fashioned bar, in front of a roaring fire. Nice!

A welcoming hug from Tim Arnold aka The Soho Hobo

A welcoming hug from Tim Arnold aka The Soho Hobo

It’s wonderful seeing Tim again whom I haven’t seen for a couple of years; and Tommy & i are both thrilled and moved to tears when he plays Little London Lou as part of his set. Sitting on the floor watching acts such as Willow Robinson, Carousels & Limousines and The Carnabys (very Indy rock) makes me feel like a reincarnation of Louise, who would have loved every second, even if there is no mosh pit. (Thanks to Ian G Reid for SaveSoho for the photos below.)

By the way, Londoners, please go down this Sunday 19 April or the next, or sign the SaveSoho campaign (link above) and lend your support to a vital part of our heritage. Apart from anything else, you will have a wonderful evening (and the wine is only £3.50 a glass!).

Willow Robinson does acoustic

Willow Robinson does acoustic

Tommy and I enraptured by Carousels & Limousines

Tommy and I enraptured by Carousels & Limousines

The Carnabys - very vibrant and toe-tapping

The Carnabys –  vibrant and toe-tapping

Watching Tim Arnold...

Watching Tim Arnold…

I finally got to see Prof Cathy Speed, one of the top sports medicine docs in London. After an hour or so spent in the MRI machine first thing, I return later in the day for the diagnosis. A frozen shoulder, a torn ligament and some necrosis on my old broken hip, which is resulting in the sore back as I am not walking properly now: stress on the old hip as a side effect from the lack of calf in my other leg renders my gait uneven and puts a lot of pressure on everything. I am not sure if I can ever walk straight again so it’s a problem. A new hip beckons at some point. Cathy offers a steroid jab for the shoulder but we agree that, unless the pain is excruciating (in fact it seems to have improved due to the extra mobility on the ski slopes) I should stick it out.

Appreciative audience, you can see me in the multi-colour top

Appreciative audience, you can see me in the multi-colour top

And now here I am back in Singapore, where the hot season has started. Happy to see my little sun bird, singing away; and my orchids are in full bud. Next weekend we are going muck diving in Lembeh, Sulawesi, so life isn’t all bad…   sunbird2

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