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Another week, another health scare


I need a bit of Zen!

I need a bit of Zen!

My recently re-acquired routine – exercise, writing, physio, acupuncture – has been rudely shattered by yet another health scare. Can you believe it? Only a week after seeing my lovely Singapore GP, Dr Foong, about routine things, like B12 jabs, next scan dates, HRT etc – she is surprised to find me back again.

‘It’s not fair,’ I say to her, ‘once you start to fall apart, it doesn’t seem to stop!’ Cause of visit (boys and men might want to gloss over the next bits): post menopausal bleeding, which is not normal!

We discuss the options, which do include endometrial cancer among other things, but neither of us can see any link to my sarcoma. It’s just really bad luck if it is something more sinister. A scan will show if the uterus lining is thicker than it should be, and if it is irregular, which is a bad thing.

The next day finds me in the same medical centre I went to for my sarcoma scans, this time for external and internal ultrasound. I had not bargained for having to drink 12 cups of water, however, all of which, needless to say, takes some time to filter through so, after two attempts, one and a half hours later I am finally on the table being attended to by a jolly Filipina nurse.

‘All OK?’ I enquire. To which she replies ‘Too much poo-poo’. Eh? I wonder if I am hearing her correctly as my basic anatomy tells me that the colon is behind the uterus, womb etc. And for the record, I am completely regular, no constipation or anything, so it is a bit puzzling. I ask her if this is normal, ‘Yes – just means I have to push harder.’ Which indeed she does.

That was Thursday: the results didn’t come through on Friday as I had hoped, but only today, Saturday. Dr Foong telephones me while I am having lunch after my yoga relaxation class – very much required, let me tell you! She has booked me in to see a gynaecologist (ominously at Gynaecology Cancer Screening Centre) next Wednesday as the endometrial lining is much thicker than it should be, though it is not uneven, so that is good. She hopes that this is an unusual and very late reaction to my HRT, but obviously cannot be sure. Dr Fi also tells me not to worry, so I mustn’t, must I?

So now we wait…I’m rather fed up with waiting to be honest.

my new shoes!

my new shoes!

On a more positive note, my new Swiss physio here has taken me in hand: out with the fit-flops, all three pairs (aargh), as they are not good for my walking. In with incredibly painful massage and difficult exercises, as my tissue is sticking to the tendons at the back of my leg, where the calf used to be, and around my ankle. She thinks she can really improve my walking and my mobility. So off I go to buy an incredibly expensive pair of Geox shoes, as recommended, and now I have FOUR blisters, as a result of getting caught in torrential rain and my feet sliding about in my brand new shoes. So today I have bought a pair of incredibly sensible Clarke’s shoes. How middle-aged can you get?

Meanwhile, I thought I had better get me down to see the Prof for more acupuncture and lingzhi tablets to concentrate on my immunity…so now I am embarking on a ‘maintenance programme’, which targets new acupuncture points, including the lung and the spleen (immunity) as well as the kidneys (the centre of everything).

Gingered aduki beans and Gujarati cauliflower and

Gingered aduki beans and Gujarati cauliflower


Healthy little lunch

The reason I have been so quiet apart from all of the above is that I have had my head down writing: my mum’s letters are almost complete and I am hoping to have some good news to announce soon on that score. Secondly my new website, (yes .co, it’s the new thing!) will be launched quite soon. I have been busy cooking and compiling the various web-pages, Ross has been taking photos.

Watch this space for updates on all fronts…

Festival of the Hungry Ghost in Chinatown: you leave food out for the departed. I want to do this for Louise but need to arrange. You buy a whole series of  paper earthly goods, and then burn them. She would love it

Festival of the Hungry Ghost in Chinatown: you leave food out for the departed. I want to do this for Louise but need to arrange. You buy a whole series of paper earthly goods, and then burn them. She would love it

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I am a writer and traveller. Our darling daughter Louise died on 2 March 2011, aged 21 ( and I started writing as therapy. We never know how long we have on this earth, so I live for every November 2013 I was diagnosed and operated on for a malignant soft tissue sarcoma in the calf, followed by 6.5 weeks of radiotherapy, so am embarking on a different kind of journey which you can follow here. I also have another site with my blueprint for health and well-being.

5 thoughts on “Another week, another health scare

  1. Dear Vicky, this is extremely unfair. I am so sorry that you have this additional worry and right now when you have already been through so much AND have much to get done. I know you will let us know how this all goes. What can I say, you are already doing everything that is good for you. Your food looks so amazing I want to dive in it. How much healthier we all would be if we ate like that. And, the Clarkes are really pretty – not a bad substitute for flip flops which I have never been able to wear — for some reason they always make me feel I will fall over (!) not enough support. Although I wear Merrills a lot, you might look into them. Lots of arch support but fairly modern (earthy-crusty) looking. All love, and thinking of you more than ever. Bonnie xoxo

    • The ones I have had to give up are FIT flops – v trendy but dont have a back strap which apparently I need and are too ‘soft’. Anyway is all about comfort and not glamour so I will struggle on blisters and all! Ross made a delicious Pad Thai this evening…watched House of Cards series 2, and now to bed…

  2. The universe is testing you and I think it’s time it gave you a break. X

    Looking forward to your cookery book and hoping this doesn’t slow down your work. I want to spread the word so it’s on my xmas pressie list for lots of friends!

    • Yes, well…I am lucky in so many other ways. Its not going to be a book- its going to be a website, so its FREE! my mother’s letters will be a book though, published in May probably, next year’s present!

  3. What a bugger Vicky. Thinking of you with all digits crossed.

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