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Reposting this from my Healthy Living with Cancer blog….all part of the journey

healthy living with cancer

22239_245584604708_511244708_3137715_6127093_nThis is always a difficult time of year for me. Firstly, 7 December is our daughter Louise’s birthday. She would have been 27 last week, but instead she is forever a glorious 21 – young and beautiful. We celebrated her life with some close friends at the Bench last week and later in the Steele’s where we held her wake.

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in which we jump up at Notting Hill Carnival

Our motely crew, Richard  and Marion , Chuck and Clare

Our motely crew, Richard and Marion , Chuck and Clare – and the Red Stripe of course!

Shameless selfie!

Shameless selfie!

Hmmm, this seems to be a public - very - lav

Hmmm, this seems to be a public – very – lav

It must have been over 10 years since I went to Notting Hill Carnival; and this time we only went as our old friends the Turners who used to invite us every year, have now returned and invited us to lunch! Who can refuse such an offer? (having a decent loo is important and we didn’t want to be reduced to this, above…). We also saw, but were unable to reach, our chum “:judge’ Judy, who spent form 9.30 am till 7pm judging the floats…Hard work in the heat (it was very hot).

watching the parade...not very comfortable!

watching the parade…not very comfortable!

We had a delicious lunch perched on a roof terrace over looking a quieter street, and then went looking for the floats, armed wiht Red Stripes. Soon a rum Punch beckoned and we managed to do a deal with a measly bar tender who gave us doubles…

Eating amdist the rubbish...

Eating amdist the rubbish…

Carnival has really changed though – didn’t hear a single steel band, or Calypso, just the pounding beat of all the sound systems, making all the windows reverberate, as well as my ear drums. There is a pervading smell of weed, and people openly smoking and selling, no-one paying a blind bit of notice. It even overpowers the delicious street food smells – crispy jerk chicken, goat curry, doubles, Jamaican patties, corn on the cob. But the rubbish is quite unbelievable.

Lovely lady

Lovely lady

Carnival smiles!

Carnival smiles!

Great float, the first we saw

Great float, the first we saw

Tempcarnival01Sad to say, although we met many friendly people, the Carnival is just too big and I am not keen on getting that close to a million people…it brings back the memory of, many years a go, a guy ‘walkin’ up’ me and eventually I elbowed him in the ribs, only to find myself sprawling on the ground, glasses broken. Ross leapt on him, four guys jumped on Ross….never have I been so glad to see the police! This time we avoided Ladbroke Grove!

So – thanks Marion and Richard for a lovely day, but another time if we want to see anything I think we need to do what we always do for Cropover in Barbados, find a spot, occupy it, and watch the world go by. You see much more and feel less stressed!


Brazliian Capoeira – never seen this before


Time for a doze


Finer feathers on show


Great mural